I took part in Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Programme at the beginning of 2015, I stumbled across a link online (as you do) to his video series to launch the programme and boy am I glad I did. So before I go any further please do yourself a massive favour and sign up to watch the free 4 part video series and get your business on track for 2018, you really will get so much value from it. Don’t even think about, it the words of Nike “Just do it”. www.90dayyear.com

I’m not one to recommend things willy nilly and would feel like I was doing you a dis service if I kept the details of Todd’s 90 Day Year Programme to myself. To me it’s like one of those “Best Kept Secrets”. I was one of around 350 people who took part from all around the world in the first programme, and after watching video 3 of the last launch where Todd tackled multi-tasking or context switching as he calls it. I just new I had to work with him. I’ll be honest on reflection some of this I’d already been “told” about before, the difference with Todd and his programme was he breaks everything down and shows you in detail how to achieve it by putting it all into action and not just telling you and for me that’s what made the huge difference. So much so that my business increased by 40% in those 90 days. Part of the success of the programme was the facebook group, a diverse group of people operating in different businesses around the world but all willing to share and collaborate with each other.

In the past I’ve been part of programmes where the leader of the programme doesn’t interact much if at all in their facebook group but Todd was in there with the rest of us sharing his wisdom, providing feedback and from my perspective he really over delivered.

Todd’s background was in Sport – mental toughness training before bringing these same concepts into the business world. He’s worked with sports people at the top of their game, Olympic athletes, Real Madrid, top companies and even a member of the Spanish Royal Family! So you can see he’s no slouch. Having spend the past 5 years with my son involved in pro youth football I think it was the sports connection I really liked about Todd along with his no nonsense, kick butt style.

As far as his training methods go he’s really putting his name on the line by opening up to outside scrutiny through a study of the Neuroscience of Change and Transformation at Harvard University. Todd will made available to them all the data regarding consumption of training materials, interaction, open rates, software login usage and then of course end of program feedback with specific results. All of this will be compiled into a report by the world leader in evolution and metrics to review the data (ROI Institute) and then packaged up into a study and several white-papers and published in a book and scholarly journals.

And in Todd’s own words “The key is that my company won’t have any interaction with it to maintain the integrity of the outside evaluation. The point of this is to put my money where my mouth is… a lot of people talk a big game, but would never expose the soft under-belly of their training to outside scrutiny. I will.”

If you haven’t already please do you and your business a massive favour and sign up to watch the free 4 part video series, either by clicking on the graphic above or this link 90 Day Year.


P.S. The video is only going to be available for a week or so, watch it while you can.

P.P.S. I have partnered with Todd to spread the word about the 90 Day Year program because I really believe in the results it can produce. When you use the link to join, I will receive a commission should you enrol in his paid for programme. For transparency should you wish to join without using my link you can do so using the following link www.90dayyear.com